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Thanks for your interest in our festival. The rules to submit are pretty simple, make a film using exactly 100 words. That’s it. Accepted films compete for cash prizes. Films are judged by an independent panel of professional film critics.

100 Words is an excellent, fun way to demonstrate your storytelling chops. We accept just about any genre -- drama, comedy, animation, suspense, horror . . . just make it compelling with exactly 100 Words.

  • Films are professionally reviewed
  • Films are shown in front of large audiences
  • Earn IMDB Credits
  • Opportunity for your film to be shown to audiences across America
This category includes all documentary films for the 100 Words Film Festival. Documentaries can be in the following genres: Biography, Culture, Educational, Environmental, Health/Mental, History, Human Rights, News, Nonprofits, Reality, Religious, Social Issues, Sports, etc.
This category includes all non-documentary films for the 100 Words Film Festival made by non-student filmmakers. This is an open genre category and can include films that are Action, Adventure Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller etc.

Student films may be scripted or documentary in any genre you choose. To qualify, the Director of the film should be a current student (high school, college, film school) at the time of production. Student Filmmakers must email a photo of your student ID or proof of enrollment to

A Few More Details:

Filmmakers must submit their films and a matching 100 word script. Please send your script (with your full name and title of film) to

Films should NOT include a graphic word counter. If your film is selected for the festival, the festival’s graphics team will add the appropriate 100 words graphic counter to your film.

The 100 Words Film Festival celebrates concise storytelling for professional and student filmmakers. Each film must use EXACTLY 100 spoken words. This is the only festival requirement. Films can be any length and on any subject.

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