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Student Mentorship

The 100 Words Film Festival promotes a film form that democratizes filmmaking- inexpensive, accessible goals- it is a perfect vehicle for developing young filmmaker's skills.

Student Mentorship Program

The 100 Words Film Festival’s special student mentorship program makes a powerful impact on the screen and beyond it. We match talented student filmmakers with industry professionals to help them create a 100 words film that tells the important story of a charitable organization in their community.

Benefits For Every Participant

For Non-profits

Each non-profit receives a high quality film that helps them tell their story to potential donors and supporters.

For Student Filmmakers

The experience provides student filmmakers “real world” mentoring with the support of industry professionals in script writing, cinematography, graphics, editing and sound.

For Sponsors

Sponsors are able to give their favorite charities a tool to leverage more funding and support while helping students in their community receive valuable mentoring.


“My previous film experience didn’t go much further than class assignments and personal projects, but this experience gave me firsthand experience of what it is like working in the professional filmmaking industry.”

Austin Huddy
Student Filmmaker, Queens University of Charlotte

“The 100 Words Film Festival Student-Charity partnership is a special program. It provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to grow as a filmmaker. This process changed the way I think about storytelling.”

Ashley Page
Student Filmmaker, Davidson College

“I teach digital media productions. Upon hearing about the 100 Words Film Festival, I thought it would make a great assignment because first, students will learn how to tell a story visually without heavily relying on dialogue, which is a great challenge! Secondly, they’ll be able to participate in and experience a true film festival. I have never seen my students greet an assignment so eagerly.”

Joe Cornelius
Digital Media Productions Professor, Queens University of Charlotte, Knight School of Communication

Participating Schools

If your school or charity is interested in participating, please contact us for more information.