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The 100 Words Film Festival offers $3,000 cash prizes and a trophy to one winner each in the Scripted and Documentary categories. Have a clever idea for a short film? Have a story from a bigger project you are building? 100 Words is an excellent, fun way to demonstrate your storytelling chops. We accept just about any genre- drama, comedy, animation, suspense, horror… just make it compelling with exactly 100 Words.
Have films professionally reviewed and shown in front of large audiences.
Earn IMDB credits and have the chance to have your film shown in theaters around America.
Compete for $10,000 worth in prize money.

“100 Words is the Visual Twitter.”

Kevin Roberts
CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

“A good film script should be able to do completely without dialogue.”

David Mamet

“It’s refreshing, pertinent and important to task filmmakers with conveying emotion, humor, suspense and character development in a concise, thoughtful and original art form.”

Greg Phillips
Writer/Director/Producer, Seattle, WA

“It’s hard to tell a story well. It’s even harder when you only have 100 words to tell it. But that one restriction does wonders. It forces you to focus on what matters.”

Pete Vandall
Writer/Director, New York City

“A well-executed 100-word short is like a visceral sucker punch… in the best possible way!”

Holly Lane
Award-Winning Student Filmmaker, Queens University of Charlotte

“It’s a perfect container.”

Paul Miller
Professor, Davidson College
Accepted films compete for $10,000 in total prize money. Films are judged by an independent panel of professional film critics.